• Pisac: Momo Kapor
  • Izdavač: KNJIGA KOMERC
  • ISBN: 8677122400
  • Prevodilac: Ljiljana Bajić
  • Broj stranica: 435
  • Format: 20cm
  • Povez: Broš
  • Pismo: Latinica
  • Godina izdanja: 2008
  • Mjesto izdanja: Beograd
Kratki opis

For over fifty years, Belgrade has provided a constant source of inspiration for the writer and painter Momo Kapor. In hisstories, essays and sketches, as well as in the highly refined strokes of his pen, he has been trying to discover what it is that actually constitutes the magic of Belgrade. This book consists of stories and fragments, of anecdotes and of strange biographies of the inhabitants of this city which have beene selected from a few of the forty-plus books produced by this author of bestsellers translated into numerous languages.