• Pisac: Balša Brković
  • Izdavač: NOVA KNJIGA DOO
  • ISBN: 9788674709443
  • Broj stranica: 384
  • Format: 21cm
  • Povez: Broš
  • Pismo: Latinica
  • Godina izdanja: 2023
  • Mjesto izdanja: Podgorica
Kratki opis

Balša Brković's new novel Aurora, in many ways, represents the culmination of the author's novelistic adventure. The motifs, themes, details, which in Brković's previous novels, The Private Gallery, Paranoia in Podgorica and Imelda Markos Beach, have already experienced an exceptional degree of creative realization, are further stylized and enriched here, which is why Aurora can function, even in a subsequent island, as a point where the main author's preoccupations are brilliantly encountered, while the recognizable writer's narrative position - which masterfully combines the "ease" of narration and the seriousness of the points drawn is even more mature. and more precise. Like the previous three novels, Aurora is a novel about Podgorica, about a city that Brković always profiles as a topos that stands on the border of mythical and real, real enough to identify its contours and characters, fantastic enough to realize that, nevertheless, behind it all is the writer's description, vision and imagination. But unlike the Private Gallery and Paranoia in Podgorica, which are set in contemporary Podgorica, Aurora looks back at Podgorica from the 1930s: this city is revealed in Brković's novel in an unexpected, different way.